Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traveling and the First Day

For all the Norwegians out there, I now know the meaning of uff-da. Sitting in the Chicago ariport, finally at the correct gate after my previous flight landing late, completly by myself, is uff-da. Getting off of a shuttle, that just wound through the streets of London while you are standing, at a terminal that you forgot the name of is uff-da. Finding out that your luggage has not made it to where you are is uff-da.

But aside from those minor mishaps I would consider my travel experience very successful. I met a troop of eagle scouts and a group headed back to Arkansas from India along the way. I arrived in Vienna at about 1:30 P.M. here, which is early morning in the midwest. I had not slept on the plane but Kathrin, my host-mother, and I (Lionel happens to be on a tour of Europe right now, so I will meet him later) planned to visit the police station to register me right away. So I showered and then ate a quick lunch of bread, cold meat, cheese, and tomatoes with mozerella, which is unbelievably delicious.

I then met Kathrin's nephew and we walked back to the apartment to grab some bikes and we road around district to of Vienna, which is so beautiful I think I might die. We road through the Fußgängerzone (a street that cars are not allowed on) and there is a special lane for people and their horses. I expected something of a large park, but that is a very big understatment. This park went on, and on, and on. People just chill there, lay down in the grass, children play on the abundant park equipment, and I even passed a man flying his remote control hovercraft. Next to this very green, open park is something of an amusment park. Which basically looks like Camp Snoopy (now Nickelodeon Universe) on LSD. We walked through it and I enjoyed observing my unique surroundings but I have not had a chance to go on the rides yet.

We went home after that to eat dinner, which was around 9:00 P.M and my next plans are to go into the city (I thought I was already there but apparently not). We'll see!

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